How To Look After A Harrington Jacket

A Harrington jacket is a piece that should, undoubtedly, be in every wardrobe. Worn for decades by some of the biggest names, this is a jacket that can be worn all year round in a range of different colours and styles and look effortlessly cool every single time. While it could be considered a piece of retro clothing, plenty of retailers still produce these every year as they remain popular with consumers for their smart and adaptable style. 

How to store a Harrington jacket

First of all, your Harrington jacket should ideally be kept in a wardrobe or enclosed space away from sunlight. This is to keep it away from direct light that could cause fading over a long period of time, which might happen if it was hung on a hook in an open space, for example. 

Harrington jackets often come in dark colours such as black, burgundy or blue, which will be susceptible to fading in direct sunlight.  

Your Harrington jacket should ideally be kept in the wardrobe while hung up to maintain its structure, but if there is no space for this, keeping it neatly folded in storage on a shelf should also help maintain its quality. 

While you are not wearing the jacket, it is recommended that you regularly clean the space it is stored in to prevent dust or dirt from damaging it. 

Get to know your jacket

To look after your Harrington jacket, you must know exactly what to do with it. The type of care needed might vary depending on the fabric or make of the jacket, so you should be sure to ask the seller for the cleaning instructions when purchasing. 

If you cannot ask the seller how to care for the jacket, you will be able to check the inside label, which should be sewn into the jacket's inner seam. Here, you will find washing instructions which should tell you how to wash it and what kind of temperature it can tolerate. 

If you bought the jacket recently from an online store, you might also be able to check the care instructions on the website or by contacting the retailer for more information. 

How to wash a Harrington jacket

Your Harrington jacket should be hand washed to avoid any of the colour running, especially on those that feature a wool tartan lining as they traditionally did. Putting such a jacket through a hot wash risks deforming the fabric lining, which could ruin your jacket. 

Instead, wash your jacket in the sink with cool water and a light detergent. Scrub the jacket gently to remove any dirt, and treat any stains that might have gotten onto the jacket over time. 

Rinse the jacket off with cool water and hang it up to air dry, do not put it in the tumble dryer as this could also deform the fabric or even shrink the jacket. 

You should only need to wash your Harrington jacket once every couple of months, depending on how regularly you wear it outdoors. If it is in storage, you should aim to wash it every six months to keep it fresh and dispel any debris that might have gathered during storage. 

How long will a Harrington jacket last?

Ultimately, how long your jacket lasts depends on how frequently you wear it and where you bought it. If you purchased your Harrington from a retro clothing store, chances are the quality will be very good, and a true vintage jacket will stand the test of time, especially when cared for correctly. 

However, if you have purchased from a modern retailer who mass-produced cheap clothing, you should expect it to wear out much faster than a high-quality alternative. 

The quality of the Harrington will largely depend on the price. If you plan on keeping your jacket for a long time, possibly even forever, it is wise to invest in a new but classic style of Harrington from a retailer that specialises in producing new, high-quality retro style clothing. 

Styling a Harrington jacket

The best way to care for your Harrington jacket is, of course, to wear it! Such an iconic jacket that has been so popular since the 1950s can be worn with any outfit for the perfect smart casual look. 

If you want an authentic vintage look, pair your Harrington jacket with straight leg or drainpipe trousers, a smart fitted polo shirt and some Dr Martens boots. To soften the look, consider swapping the boots for another smart leather shoe or possibly even trainers. 

For a more modern look, pair with some casual jeans and trainers, with your t-shirt of choice underneath. In the colder months, add an extra layer by wearing a jumper or hoodie underneath the jacket, which keeps you warm and adds some depth to your image. 

After reading this blog, you should be confident in how to look after your Harrington jacket in terms of storing, washing and wearing. It is important to learn about how to care for this jacket as it is such a wardrobe staple, and one that you will always turn to when achieving a put-together cool outfit in seconds. 

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