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Mens Vintage Polo Shirts

Classically masculine with its sharp lines and trim fit, the polo was first adopted by the mods. A​ more casual look was created that didn’t require a tie – the iconic Parka Jacket was worn with a long sleeved Polo shirt and tailored Trousers or Jeans. Early Mods didn’t like wearing logos on their clothes as they thought that off-the-peg clothes represented an off-the-peg lifestyle which they were trying to move away from, so they chose not to wear Polo shirts that donned a logo. But​ it was the skinheads who – set against their hardline aesthetic – charged it with its full countercultural potential.

At the end of the 19th Century outdoor activities became important for the upper-class of British Society. The game of polo was adopted from India as the national sport; the polo shirt became its uniform.

An iconic piece of history, our vintage, tailored men’s polo shirt is made of 100% cotton with a button down collar, back box pleat, v-cut out on shorts sleeves and three finger collar on the button downs.

Sophisticated, tailored and ultra-comfortable, you will love the way you look in this durable, reliable vintage classic. We could throw in a horse, game of polo and the opportunity to rub shoulders with Britain’s elite, but who needs that when we have given you the opportunity to add our men’s polo to your wardrobe staples, giving you the right to exude an air of confidence and stand out everyday. Consider this: how many people who wear polo shirts have never actually played polo?