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Tweed Vintage Trousers

During the 1960s, tweed became radical. The abstract patterns and contrasting colours of check and houndstooth suited the contemporary aesthetic. Men’s trousers were tailored in these cloths and instead of representing professionalism and respectability, tweed became popular with the young, fashionable and politically progressive.

Tweed was the ideal sporting attire of the early 20th-century and the English happily and quickly adopted tweed as the ideal outdoor cloth on their upcountry estates. Wearing tweed made hunting, shooting, and fishing comfortably enjoyable pastimes. The variety of patterns and colours of tweed owe much to the originality of those 19th-century estate owners. Although these patterns were once restricted only to family members and workers of the estate, today anyone can wear them. Can you hear the ladies whispering? “Finally, a real man…”

Shop Relco London's range of classic tweed trousers. Tweed is a classic pattern, historically made of rough wool and were traditionally worn for outdoor activities such as hunting and shooting in northern parts of the UK. However, in the 1960s, the patterns became popular amongst the Mod and Skinhead subcultures and became part of those classic fashion movements. Our designs are inspired by those 1960s designs, and we have been producing them since 1964.