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Uniquely Designed Vintage Braces

Vintage braces! An article of clothing that has become so much more than just an accessory, but a fashion statement in itself.

During the ‘60s, when fashion was all about rebelling, braces represented a rebellion change to the status quo of men’s fashion. Before, these complementary vintage men’s braces were only associated with the wealthy and confined to a suit. This all changed as all classes adopted braces, bringing sophistication and suave style to the masses.

So how do you top something like that, you say? Well, here at Relco London, that’s kind of what we do. We breathe new life into these retro braces that have no right going out of fashion and bring them into the 21st century. All while taking inspiration from the original men’s vintage braces that started the whole thing.
So check out our wide range of vintage braces, and take pride in wearing something not ashamed of the era it came from. Embrace these timeless accessories and give your wardrobe a boost.