Prince of Wales Pattern Vintage Trousers

Smart, trim and masculine, Prince of Wales check was adopted by the mod’s of the 1960s, bang on trend and setting the standard for how the subculture is remembered today - crisply tailored and comfortably able to be paired with a blazer or a t-shirt.

Obsessed with the details and the stories that bring our materials to life, the Prince of Wales check as a pattern, achieves perfect balance; subtle enough not to be too loud, yet distinctive enough not to be boring. It is woven in a twill pattern and consists of broken checks where a conglomerate of alternating dark stripes and light stripes cross each other to create a pattern of small and large checks. The Prince of Wales Check remains very popular to this day. Traditionally, it was woven in heavy weights and tweeds (given it is derived from Glenurquhart Check used originally on a farm estate), however it can now be found in a wide range of weights.

We know you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be in the Prince of Wales’ trousers. Now you can “check” it off the bucket list by checking out our designs.

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