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Mens Vintage Cardigans

The 1960s saw the introduction of the modern day “preppy look”. Mods created their own brand, the addition of a cardigan completing a look which when paired with polo shirts, Harrington jackets, t-shirts, houndstooth and sweater vests screamed Ivy League of that era.

What do you call a cardigan you can wear every day of the week?

 A cardiganandagainandagain.

Sorry, we had to do it!

Forget everything you think you know about cardigans. The cardigan is the item of clothing worthy of being trans-seasonal. Why? It’s easy to remove, an essential factor in your own personal climate control. The cardigan will always suffer at the hands of the armchair critic who prefers to sit inside and debate the ins and outs of fashion with his television. The point that is being missed is simple. It is the cosiest piece of knitwear you will probably find. The nostalgia of the 1960’s with a modern touch of now.

You can call it a Relco London favourite. Which is is. If you find the change in seasons wears on your bank account, you’re not the only one. We want to stop buying but always end up swiping the credit cardigan. Now, we really are done. For now.