Stylish Men’s Vintage Cardigans

The 1960s was a defining era for so many reasons, but none less so than for being rebellious! Fashion was rife with new movements, taking away everything we thought we knew and replacing it, but also elevating it to something better. Many fashion movements from this time have influenced our fashion through to the modern-day. 
Men’s retro cardigans were a new statement on an old trend. It was all about not following the rules of the norm anymore. The men’s vintage cardigan as we know it now arose from people taking something that used to be a drab, uninspiring staple and adding colour, patterns and most importantly, life to these vintage-style cardigans.
That is why here at Relco London, we wanted to encapsulate that same feeling with our men’s vintage cardigans. We are not satisfied with just making a knock-off version of what has been. 
Explore our range of men’s retro cardigans and find a new take on a classic piece that is sure to stand the test of time and offer inspiration to the next generation.
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