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Tartan and Stewart Vintage Trousers

Mods of the early 1960s. Blue or green tartan narrow trousers. A half inch turn up at the ankles, high collar button down shirt in polka dots. Enough said.

Given its heritage, tartan is an ideal choice for autumn and winter wear, as well as for the business casual dress code. In the most general terms, tartan is a type of checkered pattern. As a reminder, a check is a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that create small squares and that can incorporate multiple colours though it doesn’t necessarily have to. It can also be further enhanced by an overcheck in a different colour. More specifically, tartan is a pattern of intersecting horizontal and vertical bands in differing widths and colours and in its most traditional weave, would be considered a serge twill. Tartans alternating weave forms visible diagonal lines where different colours cross and can also give the appearance of creating new colours where these lines intersect. Tartans originated almost exclusively in woven wool but today, you can find them in a variety of other materials. And while the definition of a tartan was originally one that was made only from a woven material, you can also find tartans today that are printed instead of woven.

Introducing Relco London’s modern day tartan trousers with the truth, if you want to tell it. Are you wearing anything under them?