Long Sleeve Vintage Shirts for Men

The Mod’s lifestyle and musical tastes of the 1960’s was classy, mimicking the clothing of high-end fashion designers of houses across Europe. This youth sub-culture revolutionised the fashion world, where formality gave way to skinny and slim fitting long sleeved shirts became a staple item.

A smart, savvy fashionista (yes, men can be fashionistas, too) knows that the difference between long sleeves and short sleeves can make or break a situation.

Will sleeves be the deciding factor that helps you seal the deal, whether at work or at play? Imagine yourself waiting to pitch to a prospective new client. You’re going to be in direct contact with the people who could well change your life. The stakes become higher. You fear sounding uneducated. Unprepared. Unable. As you look down to try and stop your hands from shaking, you suddenly realise that you’ve got all you need to make this deal. Not break this deal.

For shirts with lasting style and comfort to take you from work to celebrating that you just aced the interview, Relco London’s long sleeved shirts are designed to the fit and style that defines your culture. Shop our paisleys, florals, scooter patterns, vintage cotton and down collars.

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