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Men's Vintage Jeans

During the swinging '60s, fashion was at the height of self-expression and rebellion. The youth realised that social traditions shouldn't and didn’t dictate what is worn and who it's worn by. 

The biker look was one of the most popular fashion trends in the 1960s, and it's still popular to this day. The style was very unique from the mod and hippie movements, which were competing for popularity. While the look reflected the subculture's rebellious personalities, the youth adopted the bad-boys-in-denim, concept in the 1960s. Men’s vintage jeans were a staple for this look and created an iconic and dangerous style. This now translates into fashion catwalks around the world. How the tables have turned…

Denim jeans are now a vital piece of clothing that you can find in everyone's wardrobe, no matter the age. Men’s vintage jeans have come back into fashion with flares, bootcuts and even classic skinny jeans.

Recapture the swinging '60s with Relco London's exclusive collection of high-quality vintage men's vintage jeans.