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Men's Vintage Parkas

It's the '60s, the decade of swinging, mods and cultural awakening.
Enter the legendary Parka coat. The Parka jacket took on a whole new life in the UK and became a staple piece representing an entire generation.  
Celebrities like The Rolling Stones were regularly seen leaving boutiques in Carnaby Street and Soho that sold parkas. Mods would wear a military-style parka, decorate it with logo patches from their favourite bands, and then use their parkas to keep their expensive Italian suits fresh and clean.
The tried and true parka has never left the fashion scene. From Storm parka jackets to Fishtail parka jackets, nothing has beaten the look and comfort of the retro parka.
Relco London has taken inspiration from the Mod movement to design a multi-purpose and stylish vintage parka jacket. Whether you're on your way to a date or you want to be a mod for a day rising round on scooters wearing a suit. Whatever the occasion, there's a retro parka coat for you.
Shop our range of high-quality vintage parka coats, created with our customers in mind to embody everything the mod movement stood for.