Men's Vintage Paisley Shirts

Some say that whilst women’s fashion in the 1960’s became decidedly more masculine, men’s fashion did the opposite, becoming slightly more feminine. The youth continued to branch off and lead when it came to fashion, choosing prints such as paisley and fashion, as a result, was a bold as it was lighthearted.

Psychedelic. The Beatles. Summer of Love. Fender. Prince. All attributed in one way or another to the popularity of paisley in the late 1960s.

Paisley is a pattern that originated in India and was modified in England. It’s formation resembles a teardrop, it’s asymmetric, and we’d be here forever trying to count the endless pattern densities, sizes, decorations and detailing. It’s a classic pattern, but at the same time, it’s a little more unusual because it’s bolder. Feeling bold? Be daring and go with paisley.

Relco's extensive vintage shirt styles are made for the modern man with a touch of nostalgia. Bold prints will set you up for an eye-catching kind of day. Go with a strong pattern? Opt for muted colours. If you go with a smaller pattern, go for the loud colours.

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