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Jeans - 14oz Selvedge style denim

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Trousers - Dogtooth Check

Dogtooth Check Vintage Trousers

The perfect pair of dogtooth trousers are a prime example of mod-infected aesthetics. Worn in the 1960s gave men an edge to their unique appeal. This vintage piece is simple but also a staple in mod fashion, creating contrast and interest with this striking fashion.

Dogtooth check trousers are an elevating element to everyday items such as a muted shirt and are still adopted in today's fashion by those willing to push the 1960's mod-inspired appeal. 

Dogtooth is a classic form of the timeless houndstooth pattern, an intricate two-tone check pattern woven into the fabric. Our men's dogtooth trousers are inspired by classic 1960s fashion and are designed to be stylish, high quality but affordable. 
Men's Knitted polo - Mustard

Knitted Polos

Relco London has a wide variety of knitted polo shirts to choose from. We have many contrasting styles perfect for the Summer so whatever look you’re trying to pull off. Feel nostalgic when you put on our Retro Knitted Polo Shirts with styles such as our fashionable brand new mustard knitted polo, worn by all walks of life. More throwback collections such as our brand new knitted striped polo are now available in burnt orange and pistachio; this is perfect for the bright, fashionable look. If you’re looking to add some men's knitted polos we have many to choose from here. Take a look at our collection today.

Long Sleeve Vintage Shirts for Men

Long Sleeve Vintage Shirts for Men

The Mod’s lifestyle and musical tastes of the 1960’s was classy, mimicking the clothing of high-end fashion designers of houses across Europe. This youth sub-culture revolutionised the fashion world, where formality gave way to skinny and slim fitting long sleeved shirts became a staple item.

A smart, savvy fashionista (yes, men can be fashionistas, too) knows that the difference between long sleeves and short sleeves can make or break a situation.

Will sleeves be the deciding factor that helps you seal the deal, whether at work or at play? Imagine yourself waiting to pitch to a prospective new client. You’re going to be in direct contact with the people who could well change your life. The stakes become higher. You fear sounding uneducated. Unprepared. Unable. As you look down to try and stop your hands from shaking, you suddenly realise that you’ve got all you need to make this deal. Not break this deal.

For shirts with lasting style and comfort to take you from work to celebrating that you just aced the interview, Relco London’s long sleeved shirts are designed to the fit and style that defines your culture. Shop our paisleys, florals, scooter patterns, vintage cotton and down collars.

Men's 60's Vintage Clothing

Men's 60's Vintage Clothing

Short Sleeve Checkered Gingham Shirt - Multiple colours

Men's Checked & Plaid Shirts

Clothing styles have always mirrored the prevailing attitudes of the times and this is certainly true of the mod fashion of the 1960s. The decade was marked by sweeping social change and the domination of youth culture - baby boomers were growing up and demanded their own fashion style. Designers responded with a much more liberal, daring approach to fashion, boasting colourful fabrics and bold designs.

Perfect for long summer nights, complete your wardrobe with either style. Detail with a flattering fit these shirts are not to be missed. Capturing the sense of authenticity and staying true to our brand, these shirts have been meticulously updated to complement your lifestyle whether on the go at home or enjoying happy hour.

Discover our range of vintage fashion men's checked & patterned shirts. With a wide variety of colours, and both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, our collection is the perfect place to indulge in some authentic retro 1960s style. Free delivery on the UK's most sought after vintage buttoned checkeredd and patterned men's shirts, with sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

Perfect for long summer nights, complete your wardrobe with either style. Detail with a flattering fit these shirts are not to be missed. Capturing the sense of authenticity and staying true to our brand, these shirts have been meticulously updated to complement your lifestyle whether on the go at home or enjoying happy hour.


Monkey Jacket - Navy

Men's Monkey Jackets

Discover and wear with style a classic piece of clothing like the Monkey Jacket. Find them in different colours and get yours with a free UK delivery.
Men's Overcoats

Men's Overcoats

Relco London has a wide variety of overcoats to choose from. We have many contrasting styles perfect for the colder parts of the year, keeping you warm in the autumn and winter. Whatever look you go for this season, Relco has a timeless overcoat for you. 

With styles such as our fashionable
Donkey Jacket with PVC, worn by all walks of life and our sophisticated Crombie overcoats, we have a piece for every man's seasonal wardrobe. Whether you opt for the smart, polished look for the office or like to keep things casual when out and about with friends, each and every one of our men's overcoats offers something unique but complimentary to your style.

Vintage Trousers - Pinstripe

Men's Pinstripe Trousers


At Relco London, timeless vintage fashion takes centre stage. Step into the sophisticated era of men's vintage pinstripe trousers. With flair and elegance combined, these staple trousers can be styled in multiple ways and worn in various settings. Vintage pinstripe trousers are known for their seamless, polished looks and add a touch of formality to any outfit. 

Mens vintage pinstripe trousers have become popular among professionals and those with a go-to smart casual style. They originated in the 19th century when British bankers wore them, as the pattern helped distinguish bankers from other professionals. The popularity of these began to rise in the early 20th century when they were adopted by Hollywood stars.
Classic Polka Dot - Purple

Men's Polka Dot Shirts for a Vintage Vibe

Polka dots, a classic pattern transcending through time, inevitably evoke feelings of nostalgia and a sense of vintage charm. Think back to the 1950s and 1960s, when polka dots were a prominent feature in fashion, adorning the shirts of gentlemen and the dresses of ladies. With the resurgence of vintage style, the mens polka dot shirt mania has again taken centre stage, proving that this iconic mens spotty shirt pattern has an enduring appeal.

One of the defining characteristics of mens polka dot shirts is their versatile nature, seamlessly fitting a range of occasions, from formal events to playful gatherings and casual outings. As such, they have earned their rightful place as a must-have in every man's wardrobe. When chosen and combined thoughtfully, polka dots can infuse your outfit with a touch of class and elegance, especially when adorning retro shirts.

To ensure a polished and sophisticated look, it is essential to pay attention to pattern matching and colour harmonization. The key is to strike the right balance, ensuring that the polka dot pattern complements the ensemble without overwhelming it. For instance, if you opt for a polka dot shirt in a classic black hue, consider pairing it with neutral-toned trousers and shoes to let the shirt take the spotlight gracefully.
Men's Knitted polo - Mustard

Men's Retro Polo Shirts

Good men's vintage polo shirts need no introduction. But here's one anyway. The mod movement is one of the most influential subcultures of the twentieth century. They had a soundtrack and a signature appearance that gave style-conscious British males a blueprint for living.

Anyone who is a fan of the mod wave should have a proper retro vintage polo shirt in their wardrobe. Retro polo shirts are just as much part of mod clothes and fashion as a Harrington jacket or a pair of freshly ironed vintage trousers. It's an undeniable fact. Vintage polo shirts are a terrific, versatile garment that you can dress up or down.

Retro polo shirts are our best selling shirt style. Why? Because we pride ourselves on being as authentic as possible, ensuring that you receive a high-quality 60's polo shirt for any occasion.
Jamaica Check shirt - CK-48

Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

1960s men’s shirts included classic dress shirts, casual t-shirts, mod stripes, large collar button down shirts, and sporty knit polo zip shirts. The fit was slim, the patterns were bold, and the trend is back in style today.

If our long sleeve shirts are about acing the pitch to new clients, then where do our short sleeve shirts sit? That same male fashionista would say, between my Relco London long sleeved shirts and polo shirts, colour coordinated of course, ready to make an impact in every situation. From the summer BBQ to the autumn day “wear” you can pair the shirt with a cardigan for that added warmth. To answer our earlier question. Our short sleeved shirts are perfect for those small moments throughout the day before retreating to the wardrobe and changing in to a long sleeved shirt, worthy of a bit of extra attention.

Our retro patterned, checkered, polka dot, paisley and floral men's shirts are designed to match the style of the swinging sixties in the present day which means you don’t need any excuse.

Sta Prest Trousers - Stone

Men's Sta Prest Trousers

Since the mid-1800s Levi Strauss & Co. have been the innovator of men's trousers and jeans. In the 1960s, the Levi brand shook up the fashion industry once again when they put a permanent crease into trousers. No ironing needed - to the pleasure of housewives everywhere. 
The trousers were named 'Sta-Prest', and it was an instant success, becoming one of the most iconic looks of that decade.
Sta Prest Trousers became an essential item for Mods and Skinheads during the '60s. Known for being robust and very durable, they'll forever have a place in men's fashion. 
Fun fact: "Sta" is pronounced like "Stay"... as in Stay Prest. We think this is very clever on the Levi Strauss & Co. part. 
Also known as ‘sta pressed trousers’, we’ve designed our selection of these iconic trousers to hark back to their original authentic selves, made with high quality materials and processes to ensure that your sta prest trousers are the best of the best. 
Explore Relco London's range of authentically designed wrinkle-free Sta-Prest trousers.
Men's Vintage Clothing

Men's Vintage Clothing

Shop our latest collection of 60's vintage clothing for men.

From retro shirts to vintage jeans and braces to jackets, our collection of men's vintage clothing is perfect for helping to infuse some retro style into your wardrobe.

Most people think of the 60s as the era of the Flower Power and Hippies. However, in the '60s, the British streets of London saw a revolution from the working class against this hippy psychedelic era and saw men opt for short skinhead haircuts. More uniform styles emerged with button-down shirts, braces, and shiny brogues. 

Our passion for all things vintage has been inspired by this mindset going against the norm and wearing what speaks to you. Since then, we have continued to go against the norm and design and make new collections based on our love of all things retro.

 So join our rebellion, and discover our latest collection of men's vintage clothing today!

Jeans - 14oz Selvedge style denim

Men's Vintage Jeans

During the swinging '60s, fashion was at the height of self-expression and rebellion. The youth realised that social traditions shouldn't and didn’t dictate what is worn and who it's worn by. 

The biker look was one of the most popular fashion trends in the 1960s, and it's still popular to this day. The style was very unique from the mod and hippie movements, which were competing for popularity. While the look reflected the subculture's rebellious personalities, the youth adopted the bad-boys-in-denim, concept in the 1960s. Men’s vintage jeans were a staple for this look and created an iconic and dangerous style. This now translates into fashion catwalks around the world. How the tables have turned…

Denim jeans are now a vital piece of clothing that you can find in everyone's wardrobe, no matter the age. Men’s vintage jeans have come back into fashion with flares, bootcuts and even classic skinny jeans.

Recapture the swinging '60s with Relco London's exclusive collection of high-quality vintage men's vintage jeans.

Men's Vintage Knitwear

Men's Vintage Knitwear

Discover our range of high-quality men's vintage cardigans and 60s styled knitwear, with exclusively designed men's vintage jumpers, cardigans and tank tops from Relco London. Add some mod fashion to your wardrobe today with our range of men's vintage knitwear.
You can rely on Relco London to bring you the highest quality materials and tailoring expertise to your vintage knitwear wardrobe. No longer suffer having to search for the perfect cardigan to match your mod style, our signature button up men's vintage cardigan is the perfect addition to add some vintage mod preppy style to your wardrobe. The high-quality waffle knit is super comfy and practical with side pockets to give the ultimate smart preppy look.
Men's Blue Paisley shirt - PS 24

Men's Vintage Paisley Shirts

Some say that whilst women’s fashion in the 1960’s became decidedly more masculine, men’s fashion did the opposite, becoming slightly more feminine. The youth continued to branch off and lead when it came to fashion, choosing prints such as paisley and fashion, as a result, was a bold as it was lighthearted.

Psychedelic. The Beatles. Summer of Love. Fender. Prince. All attributed in one way or another to the popularity of paisley in the late 1960s.

Paisley is a pattern that originated in India and was modified in England. It’s formation resembles a teardrop, it’s asymmetric, and we’d be here forever trying to count the endless pattern densities, sizes, decorations and detailing. It’s a classic pattern, but at the same time, it’s a little more unusual because it’s bolder. Feeling bold? Be daring and go with paisley.

Relco's extensive vintage shirt styles are made for the modern man with a touch of nostalgia. Bold prints will set you up for an eye-catching kind of day. Go with a strong pattern? Opt for muted colours. If you go with a smaller pattern, go for the loud colours.

Storm Parka Jacket - Olive Green

Men's Vintage Parkas

It's the '60s, the decade of swinging, mods and cultural awakening.
Enter the legendary Parka coat. The Parka jacket took on a whole new life in the UK and became a staple piece representing an entire generation.  
Celebrities like The Rolling Stones were regularly seen leaving boutiques in Carnaby Street and Soho that sold parkas. Mods would wear a military-style parka, decorate it with logo patches from their favourite bands, and then use their parkas to keep their expensive Italian suits fresh and clean.
The tried and true parka has never left the fashion scene. From Storm parka jackets to Fishtail parka jackets, nothing has beaten the look and comfort of the retro parka.
Relco London has taken inspiration from the Mod movement to design a multi-purpose and stylish vintage parka jacket. Whether you're on your way to a date or you want to be a mod for a day rising round on scooters wearing a suit. Whatever the occasion, there's a retro parka coat for you.
Shop our range of high-quality vintage parka coats, created with our customers in mind to embody everything the mod movement stood for. 

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