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Men's Vintage Trousers

Men's Vintage Trousers

Men's retro trousers exude a classic charm that also brings a hint of nostalgia to modern fashion. At Relco London, we have an array of styles from pinstripe and dogtooth to the classic Prince of Wales, bringing back the trends from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s fashion culture. We have designed high-quality vintage clothing since 1964, and our passion for all things vintage gets stronger with time; that's why our trousers are a must-have for your seasonal looks.
Men's Black & White floral shirt - FLORAL-19

Men’s Vintage Floral Shirts

Discover our range of vintage floral men’s shirts available in both short and long sleeves. Inspired by music and fashion - patch pockets, floral print variations, and a buttoned-down collar are all staple pieces you’ll find that never go out of fashion.
Men’s Vintage Jackets

Men’s Vintage Jackets

Mens Vintage Jumpers

Mens Vintage Jumpers

Sweaters were popular in the 60’s. They bridged the gap allowing men to be casual yet still neatly dressed. ​Younger generations began adopting sweaters from the lower class and redefining them as refined fashion garments.

Like many garments, the history of the jumper is mostly a functional one. The most famous historical wearers of jumpers were fishermen, who needed warm and hard-wearing garments to protect themselves from the elements. In the mid 19th century, the Royal British Navy adopted and still include the jumper as part of the uniform for various military members. Sweaters help dapper men transition between the seasons, add texture and layers to outfits, and stay warm in chilly environments.

Discover our range of mens vintage jumpers. Relco London have been designing quality mens knitwear since 1964. Free next day delivery on UK orders.

Mens Vintage Shirts

Mens Vintage Shirts

Are you looking for vintage shirts for any occasion? Look no further than Relco London! Our wide range of men's vintage shirts is perfect for formal events and casual day-to-day attire.

Embracing the timeless charm of the '60s, our shirts are designed to suit anyone. Experience the revival of London subculture with our mod, skinhead, and SKA styles. Whether you prefer long sleeves or short sleeves, our shirts are meticulously tailored for a true-to-size fit and expert craftsmanship, ensuring the perfect look.

Discover our collection of men's vintage shirts featuring various patterns, including polka dots, paisley, and floral. With these retro styles making a comeback, now is the ideal time to embrace the trend. Shop now and find your perfect fit among our men's vintage shirts.

Tank in Burgundy

Mens Vintage Tank Tops

In every decade, the tank top (or knitted sweater vest) has found its man, for better or worse. The mod man of the 1960s wore a sweater vest to polish his look and fearlessly embraced the often patterned clothing, often badly, of that era.

Despite often being classed in the same category as the cardigan, modern day society fails to remember that teacher in high school who made the tank top look cool. Ask your wife. Your sister. Your friend. They will have at least one example of this knitted, short sleeved item of clothing improving an appearance. In about thirty seconds when you realise you are in desperate need of a tank top, you’ll have a sense of deja vu but there is simply no other way to say it. This is not a tank top. This is a top tank.

The good news? You can get yours here! Relco London’s tanks are versatile, comfortable and exude style. But please don’t take our word for it. We wouldn’t want to be responsible for the look on your significant other’s face when you work through the door better looking than when you left. No offence...

Mod Fashion

Mod Fashion

Monkey Jacket - Navy

Monkey Jackets

Step into the iconic era of the 1960s with Relco London's Monkey Jackets – a nod to the rebellious spirit of mods and skinheads. Drawing inspiration from the clean yet bold mod bomber jacket aesthetic, our Monkey Jackets redefine casual fashion for those who seek a distinctive and aggressive look.

Similar to the rebellious style of the past, our Monkey Jackets pair seamlessly with tucked-in t-shirts, cuffed skinny denim, and military-inspired gear like the fishtail parka. The 1960s rebels set themselves apart with a clean, bold fashion statement, gravitating towards jackets that exuded style.

Available in various colours, shop now to embrace your inner mod.
Ladies Red check shirt - LSS 66

Newest Products

Shop the freshest threads with our newest products. From sharp shirts to tight trousers, find everything you need to finish your look off right.
Original Harrington Jackets

Original Harrington Jackets

Introducing the Original Harrington Jacket, a true icon of fashion that has stood the test of time and remains a versatile garment that stands out in the fashion scene. The mens Harrington Jacket derives its name from the character Rodney Harrington in the beloved 1960s sitcom "Peyton Place," since then, it has become a symbol of style and sophistication.

Our men's Harrington Jackets at Relco London embrace casual coolness and buttoned-up formality, offering a unique blend that exudes rugged masculinity and timeless elegance. As we draw inspiration from the legendary Steve McQueen, our version of the vintage Harrington Jacket captures the essence of his effortless cool.

Our Harrington bomber Jacket is a perfect fit for any occasion, available in seven custom-designed colours. Its popularity has been unmatched since the 1960s and has become the number-one choice for those seeking an emblem of effortless chic. Renowned actors and singers, including James Dean in the film "Rebel Without a Cause," have adorned this Jacket, adding to its unique and popular appeal.

Mask - Tonic blue

Patterned Face Masks

Jaquard Paisley Long sleeve - RSW 612 PLT

Platinum Collection: Vintage Button Down Shirts

Relco London's Platinum collection features a range of vintage button down shirts cut in 100% premium satin cotton to classic vintage designs including gorgeous paisley, floral and polka designs.

The Platinum collection features our finest designs, made from the finest materials, inspired by the timeless fashion of the 60s. They represent the best of our heritage since we were established in 1964. Shop now to add a luxury feel to your wardrobe.
Trousers - Prince of Wales Check

Prince of Wales Pattern Vintage Trousers

Smart, trim and masculine, Prince of Wales check was adopted by the mod’s of the 1960s, bang on trend and setting the standard for how the subculture is remembered today - crisply tailored and comfortably able to be paired with a blazer or a t-shirt.

Obsessed with the details and the stories that bring our materials to life, the Prince of Wales check as a pattern, achieves perfect balance; subtle enough not to be too loud, yet distinctive enough not to be boring. It is woven in a twill pattern and consists of broken checks where a conglomerate of alternating dark stripes and light stripes cross each other to create a pattern of small and large checks. The Prince of Wales Check remains very popular to this day. Traditionally, it was woven in heavy weights and tweeds (given it is derived from Glenurquhart Check used originally on a farm estate), however it can now be found in a wide range of weights.

We know you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be in the Prince of Wales’ trousers. Now you can “check” it off the bucket list by checking out our designs.



Rollneck Knitted tops by Relco London
Skinhead Clothing

Skinhead Clothing

Pair of Socks - Yellow

Socks & Laces

Shop our collection of Socks and Laces
Sta Prest Trousers - Stone

Sta Prest Trousers

Buy your vintage Sta-Prest trousers from Relco London to wear in your everyday wardrobe. We’ve designed our selection of these iconic trousers to replicate their original style, made with high-quality materials and processes to ensure that your trousers are the best. Available in multiple colours, you have plenty of options to have a pair for every look. 

Discover Relco’s Sta-Prest trousers to add the perfect essential items to your wardrobe to adopt the ultimate Mod & Skinhead look. 

Stylish Men’s Vintage Cardigans

Stylish Men’s Vintage Cardigans

The 1960s was a defining era for so many reasons, but none less so than for being rebellious! Fashion was rife with new movements, taking away everything we thought we knew and replacing it, but also elevating it to something better. Many fashion movements from this time have influenced our fashion through to the modern-day. 
Men’s retro cardigans were a new statement on an old trend. It was all about not following the rules of the norm anymore. The men’s vintage cardigan as we know it now arose from people taking something that used to be a drab, uninspiring staple and adding colour, patterns and most importantly, life to these vintage-style cardigans.
That is why here at Relco London, we wanted to encapsulate that same feeling with our men’s vintage cardigans. We are not satisfied with just making a knock-off version of what has been. 
Explore our range of men’s retro cardigans and find a new take on a classic piece that is sure to stand the test of time and offer inspiration to the next generation.