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Men's Overcoats

The pea coat was popular mod favourite for men in the mid-60s. Well, basically anything that looked straight outta London was good to go in the mid-60s. The Beatles were leading the way, as hair started to grow longer and pants fit tighter. Men still wore boots and hats.

An overcoat is an integral part of a classic men's wardrobe but it requires a little bit of thought about your outfit and the event you’re going to go to, as well as the temperature outside, to come up with an outfit that’s both functional and stylish. Mr. Edgard Camplin founded a store in 1850 in which he sold uniforms to the British navy. Apparently, he sold particularly well in India, starting in 1888. After that, Mr. Camplin supposedly suggested creating a coat for the uniform of petty officers, who had the same uniform as sailors up until then and designed the Petticoat; commonly now the Peacoat. A guy walks into a store with a Peacoat on… guess it’s cold outside.

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