Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

1960s men’s shirts included classic dress shirts, casual t-shirts, mod stripes, large collar button down shirts, and sporty knit polo zip shirts. The fit was slim, the patterns were bold, and the trend is back in style today.

If our long sleeve shirts are about acing the pitch to new clients, then where do our short sleeve shirts sit? That same male fashionista would say, between my Relco London long sleeved shirts and polo shirts, colour coordinated of course, ready to make an impact in every situation. From the summer BBQ to the autumn day “wear” you can pair the shirt with a cardigan for that added warmth. To answer our earlier question. Our short sleeved shirts are perfect for those small moments throughout the day before retreating to the wardrobe and changing in to a long sleeved shirt, worthy of a bit of extra attention.

Our retro patterned, checkered, polka dot, paisley and floral men's shirts are designed to match the style of the swinging sixties in the present day which means you don’t need any excuse.

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