Original Harrington Jackets

Introducing the Original Harrington Jacket, a true icon of fashion that has stood the test of time and remains a versatile garment that stands out in the fashion scene. The mens Harrington Jacket derives its name from the character Rodney Harrington in the beloved 1960s sitcom "Peyton Place," since then, it has become a symbol of style and sophistication.

Our men's Harrington Jackets at Relco London embrace casual coolness and buttoned-up formality, offering a unique blend that exudes rugged masculinity and timeless elegance. As we draw inspiration from the legendary Steve McQueen, our version of the vintage Harrington Jacket captures the essence of his effortless cool.

Our Harrington bomber Jacket is a perfect fit for any occasion, available in seven custom-designed colours. Its popularity has been unmatched since the 1960s and has become the number-one choice for those seeking an emblem of effortless chic. Renowned actors and singers, including James Dean in the film "Rebel Without a Cause," have adorned this Jacket, adding to its unique and popular appeal.

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