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Best Jackets for Autumn

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As the seasons change and the weather grows colder, now is the time to revisit your wardrobe and pull out some new pieces that will reflect your personal style as well as keep you warm through the autumn and winter months. 

Throw out your old ragged coats and jackets and start the season with some seriously cool, quality vintage jackets that take you back to the best times of your life every time you wear them.

Harrington jackets

Perfect for autumn evenings or a stylish outer layer during the day, these are the most versatile vintage jackets on the scene that come in a range of colours to suit any style. 

First made popular in the 1960’s by TV character Rodney Harrington, these jackets have remained popular throughout the decades because of their high quality and unexpected inner lining of tartan. 

It’s easy to see why these jackets have earned their status in the retro clothing industry, as they embody the sophisticated yet tough aspects of masculinity. The design creates a broad shoulder and puffed-out silhouette while the cut and colour of the jacket keeps things smart, meaning you can wear this jacket to any occasion. 

As the cold weather grows harsher in December and January, the Harrington jacket has the room to layer underneath with a cardigan or a jumper without limiting your mobility as so many other jackets do. Plus, our stone Harrington jacket keeps your Summery feel even in the colder season. 

Their naturally oversized fit means they can be paired with existing items in your wardrobe to add flare to your outfit and give a nod to the mods who will recognise your style instantly. 

Monkey jackets

Another popular jacket among mods are the classic monkey jackets which are similar to Harringtons but instead of a rigid collar and outer trim, an elasticated, striped collar featured on the neckline along with matching cuffs and bottom trim. 

These vintage jackets have a similar fit to the Harrington as they also resemble a classic bomber jacket, but in most cases they do not have the tartan lining. 

These were a popular choice for those who identified with mod culture as they are of high quality and have a sophisticated style to them that makes any man appear well groomed and put together. The rounded design creates an aura of toughness and masculinity for the wearer as it emphasises the shoulders and back.  

Paired well with a smart shirt, some straight leg jeans and leather boots, these jackets are the ideal finishing touch to any vintage outfit that represents authentic and deep understanding of the history behind it and what mod culture is really about. 


Mens overcoats are a perfect choice when it comes to preparing for winter and choosing a jacket that will protect all your layers from wind and rain. Traditionally, these were made by Crombie and were made of wool. 

These were designed to reach the knee and are single breasted, black structured coats that are designed to look very smart and sit perfectly over a smart shirt and two tone trousers

These have been remade by many designers all over the world and are popular for their simple but sleek aesthetic that not only fit in with mod culture, but with many cultures globally. 

You will be able to find copies of these vintage jackets in many high street stores, but not many will stock the original vintage design that is so hard to find after it has been heavily adapted by high street retailers. 


If you’re part of mod culture, then you will undoubtedly have a parka jacket in your wardrobe, and if you don’t, you need one!

These jackets are a staple in every mod’s collection and were often worn by legends of the game such as Oasis and The Rolling Stones who wanted to keep their Italian suits in good condition, protected from the wind and rain. 

Parkas have a military quality to them, coming in dark green or khaki colours and often decorated with patches or badges from the wearer’s favourite band.

Over time, this vintage jacket has been adapted to suit many styles but the original has remained popular throughout the decades and is considered the signature piece of Liam and Noel Gallagher, worn on stage no matter what the weather. 


Lastly, perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of menswear available, the blazer. First made popular in the early 1800’s by boating clubs, these jackets have taken so many twists and turns since then that most will have forgotten about the original vintage style, but not us. 

A vintage jacket such as the blazer must be executed authentically, featuring vertical pin stripes and classic tailoring that flatter any gentlemans figure. It must be comfortable, and compliment a mod’s outfit with class and sophistication. The best place to buy these will always be in retro clothing stores that are able to replicate the traditional design. 

Most commonly worn in navy and black, blazers have remained a solid outfit choice for men across the globe for decades and are available in a range of fits and styles. 

It is crucial that the quality of the blazer is second to none, from the fabric to the measurements, otherwise the wearer risks looking cheap or scruffy, something every mod would want to avoid. 

Although they are vintage jackets, these are all pieces that will never go out of style and will simply be adapted and changed to the current market’s requirements. For those who want to revive mod culture and stay true to who they are, these jackets are an essential part of their collections and should be well looked after to ensure they can look smart all through autumn and winter.