How to match your accessories with your clothes

Learn our men’s 60s mod fashion tips on how to match your accessories with your clothes

Having a well put together outfit is crucial for representing your personal style. Your accessories are what tie together your ensemble and set you apart from the crowd. It can be easy to collate a good outfit with the right inspiration, but accessories can be slightly more difficult. Men’s 60s mod fashion has a specific and iconic look that makes a statement when it is properly replicated. However, to make it a little easier, we’ve got some tips for you on how to match your accessories with your clothes.

Decide On Your Colour Palette

Whether you’re accessorising men's 60s mod fashion or any other era of fashion, deciding on a colour palette or finding colours that complement each other is very important. Your accessories and colours don’t have to be matching, they just need to look good together! A colour wheel can help you as it will show you which shades go together well. To make it easier, you can also choose base colours that regularly feature in your outfit. This will help when choosing accessories as you’ll soon pick up which colours go best with this base colour. Your accessories can also be used to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit. For example, if your outfit is made of black suit trousers and a white polo shirt, you could accessorise with a brightly colour scarf or hat.

Find A Balance With Your Patterns

Men’s 60s mod fashion features a lot of funky patterns. When dressing in mod style, you’re lucky enough to be choosing from paisley, chequered and psychedelic print shirts. However, as exciting as it can be to have these patterns to choose from, it’s important to balance these with non-patterned pieces. Having too many patterns can make your outfit look cluttered and overwhelming. To avoid this, you can pair patterned shirts with non-patterned trousers and a plain parker or bomber jacket.
This can also be applied to accessories. If you’re wearing a paisley shirt, you’ll need to pair it with a plain scarf or hat. Also, this works vice versa if you’re wearing a plain shirt; you can accessorise with patterned pieces.

Use Clothes Of The Same Era

When creating an authentic mod look, it’s important to use accessories that are from the mod era. However, this can also be applied when creating outfits other than with mod fashion. Accessories from different fashion eras typically don’t complement each other, so normally it’s best to keep to the same when matching clothes to accessories.

Mix Materials To Add Depth

Your clothes and accessories don’t have to be of the same materials. In fact, it can add more depth if you choose accessories made from different materials to your clothing. For example, you could wear a hat made from knitted wool and match this with a corduroy bomber jacket. This makes your outfits stand out, and your accessories will enhance the ensemble you already have.

Men’s 60s mod fashion is an iconic era with many style options to choose from. Mod fashion is a great era to inspire your outfits, and with its classic look, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Mod fashion also provides a good basis for you to accessorise your clothes as there is a wide range of items to choose from. When matching your accessories to your clothes, it’s of the utmost importance to consider how the patterns, materials and colours would go together. Most of all, you should like how your accessories look!
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