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What is the difference between Slim fit, regular fit and skinny fit?

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When it comes to shopping for new articles of clothing, one of the most common dilemmas and questions shoppers face is deciphering the various fits available for trousers, jackets, shirts and more. Terms like slim fit, regular fit, and skinny fit are often used leaving people perplexed about their definitions and the differences between them. Lets delve into the nuances of each fit, to ensure you make the right choices to suit your style and body shape next time you are on the look out for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

What Do They All Mean?

Slim Fit: This category of clothing is designed to provide a tailored look without being restrictive or uncomfortable. The slim fit style is characterised by a closer or tighter fit to the body, particularly around the chest for t-shirt and shirts and in the legs of jeans and trousers. Slim fit garments often offer more of a modern and streamlined silhouette and enhances the body shape. It provides a fashionable, polished look that is suitable for most activities and can be worn to both formal and casual occasions. While this look is definitely one to consider, you should also know that this style of slim fit clothing may not be as comfortable for those used to a looser, oversized wardrobe.

Regular Fit: Also commonly called classic fit or relaxed fit, this style is designed to offer a more traditional and loose feel. Each piece will provide ample room in the chest, waist and sleeves which allows for easy movement and a relaxed, comfortable appearance. Regular fit garments are versatile and suitable for a wide range of body shapes and styles, but are often favoured by those that like prioritising comfort over a snug, polished look. As a style, this is perfect for people who prefer an understated, timeless outfit as this form of garment shape tends to have a slightly looser silhouette.

Skinny Fit: The skinny fit look is often characterised by its close-fitting design that contours to every body shape. It is a fit that is particularly popular among those who prefer a fashion-forward and edgy appearance. Skinny fit garments are narrow through the chest in t-shirts, shirts and jackets and tight on the hips, legs and waist in jeans, shorts and trousers. This creates a sleek and elongated silhouette while offering a stylish, contemporary vibe. It is important to consider that this fit of clothing can be less forgiving on individuals with a stockier build and slightly less worn by those who love and prioritise comfort. It is essential you choose the right sized skinny fit garments for your day-to-day wear as if you opt for a size too small, this could restrict movement.

The Key Differences

The main differences between slim fit, regular fit and skinny fit clothing items lie in their overall appearance and style. Let’s take a closer look at the differences.


Slim fit garments offer a close fit that follows the contour of the body for a tailored appearance and skinny fit will have a tight-fitting design that hugs and clings to the body for a sleek look complimenting your body shape. On the other hand, a regular fit provides more overall comfort and a relaxed appearance with better ability for movement.


Regular fit clothing offers a timeless style with a looser silhouette for more comfort, slim fit is a modern and streamlined appearance that accentuates your body shape and skinny fit provides a sleek, elongated silhouette for a fashion-forward, trendy appearance.


While all styles and fits are designed and made to be comfortable, this will depend on your specific preferences. Some people love wearing skinny fit jeans and find them to be the best option for their go-to looks and daily life however for others they may be too tight and irritating. On the other hand regular fit and slim fit are less figure hugging and allow for more movement meaning some people are more likely to opt for this when choosing pieces for their wardrobe.

In conclusion, in the world of fashion, understanding the difference between slim fit, regular fit and skinny fit clothing can help you make confident and informed decisions when updating your wardrobe. These fits are available in modern pieces found in highstreet stores as well as an online vintage shop that sell timeless designs from previous years. Considering your preferences and trying out differing pieces, cuts and fits will enable you develop a wardrobe you feel most confident in, ensuring you look your best no matter the outfit you choose that day.