It's Time To Add Vintage Clothing To Your New Year Wardrobe?

It's Time To Add Vintage Clothing To Your New Year Wardrobe?

We all remember getting hand-me-downs from older siblings. 

Well, that's vintage at its core. So, now’s the time to get back into and get something timeless for your wardrobe. The whole point of vintage is to get something that is long lasting and inexpensive! 

So, as we see the trees lose their leaves, we notice that the winter season is here and this New Year, men's vintage clothing has never been more popular when the oversized leather jackets are seen on every influencer's Instagram post.

Why Wear Vintage This New Year?

Vintage in itself can come from anywhere, from any time, and is creatively unique in its design. It is completely up to the individual on how to style and wear their vintage pieces.  

To us, vintage means creative freedom. So start the New Year with the right look!

You can find men’s vintage clothing pieces that allow you to stand out from the crowd, however or whatever way you can. Cultivate your creativity, search and find those pieces that speak to you. Ask yourself, why are you following fashion trends when you can inspire others with your unique fashion instead? 

Look for a vintage gem that could last you a lifetime, because what makes it vintage is that it's durable, usually with a fair few miles under its belt, so it can be a part of your wardrobe for a long time. Not only that but getting limited one-of-a-kind pieces that aren't in production anymore makes your men’s vintage clothing that much more valuable. 

Encourage others to follow your creativity, a form of self-expression making your vintage piece speak about your individualism, maybe it's time to lead the crowd instead of following it. 

Uniquely Vintage

As you know, vintage has a lot to offer and many sub-cultures come under it. You can create your unique aesthetic, but be safe in the knowledge there are a lot of fashionable eras to choose your favourite pieces from. 

Ever heard of Mod fashion?

Mod is a subculture of British fashion that originated in London incorporating slim and tailor-fitted clothing. The mod look is more for the sheek minded, incorporating shirts, parker jackets, leather boots, and suits, to name a few. 

What about Skinhead fashion?

Another subculture is Skinhead fashion. Similar to Mod fashion, this movement also originated in London many years ago, and like a lot of fashion it is a timeless look. From the streets in the 70's still to men’s vintage clothing still worn by influencers today, whether that’s your iconic rolled up jeans, the Doc Martins, and a Harrington jacket, you can't really go wrong. 

It's a classic look that will probably won't be going out of fashion any time soon, so it might be worth looking at for inspiration into your perfect vintage style.

Impacts Of Fast Fashion

Take a step back from fast fashion and the negative impacts that it causes.

We’re sure everyone has heard how bad fast fashion’s impact is, with harmful impacts on the environment, using non-sustainable materials; the human labour that it exploits, and the contributions to climate change. 

So, you could be looking trendy for a season and have your Instagram followers send the fire emoji on your posts... but was that expensive outfit that you wore once really worth it? 

Wouldn't it be better to step into the growing direction of vintage trendsetters? Be praised for your unique fashion sense that has a sustainable element that will be worn now, tomorrow, and probably a few years later. 

So, for all those wardrobe woes as the weather cools and winter really kicks in, why not consider shopping vintage this new year? Retro and vintage pieces can often be all the rage during the warmer months, but add a little layering flair to your men’s vintage clothing and you’ll be paving the way for comfortable, slow fashion this season. 

Why not shop our range of men’s vintage clothing - you might surprise yourself and come away with a whole wardrobe!

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