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What Makes Mod Clothing, Mod?

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What Makes Mod Clothing, Mod?

Sub-cultures can have a lasting impact on fashion. But, some may say that very few have staying power. Of course, some styles have their moment before fading away - Mod style clothing is a little different...

While the emo, punk and skinhead cultures have fallen by the wayside, Mod has remained more popular than ever. 

For over 50 years, the movement that first brought scooters and slim-cut jeans to the UK has influenced style-conscious men with its nonconformist attitude. Furthermore, Mod culture is never static and constantly changing (there's a reason why the word "Mod" is an abbreviation of "Modernist"). 

But, what actually makes Mod clothing "Mod", and why is it worth getting acquainted with? Let's take a look at just that!

It Was All About Being Different...

Mod culture has become a British way of life and has shaped the moods of youth culture for over 50 years. The look has changed over time, but the core values have remained the same - to look sharp and stand out. These 2 elements underpinned everything within this sub-culture. 

During the early days, those who chose to immerse themselves in this culture distanced themselves from their parents. They formed part of a new Great Britain that embraced immigration, unlike the generation before them. 

They looked beyond the country's borders for inspiration which is how ska music, scooters and suits became an integral part of everything we consider "Mod" today.

The Mod Look

The Mod look stands its ground in the modern-day because of its outside influence. But, this, in turn, can make it rather tricky to pinpoint a specific style. Luckily enough, though, there are some staple styles that we can associate with Mod fashion. 

For example, the Harrington jacket was always a popular fashion accessory when it first hit the hails during the early 1930s. 30 years later, when the first Mods started wearing Baracutas, the Harrington jacket's status became a staple part of the culture we know today.

Popular Mod Brands

Brands were never an essential part of the Mod style as it was forged as part of self-expression. However, a few brands have been instrumental in the continued relevance of this subculture. So, let's take a look at who they are!

Fred Perry

Fred Perry was embraced by Mods during the 1960s. It was favoured for its sharp, tipped polo shirts and is still closely associated with today's subculture.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman has been linked to the Mod scene since the clothing company launched in the early 1960s. Many of the designs feature the Royal Air Force symbol, which has become synonymous with Mod fashion.


The Baracuta G9 jacket was a symbol of rebellion that found its way onto the shoulders of many. It was adopted by Mods in the mid-1960s and was considered as an alternative to tailored jackets. 

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