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Meet Cherry Von Darling! Putting the Rock into Vintage Clothing

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Meet Cherry Von Darling! Putting the Rock into Vintage Clothing

We really enjoyed chatting with Cherry Von Darling. We've been dressing her for a while now, so we decided to get up close and personal and really get to know her.

Check our our interview with Cherry below!

1. First question! When are you at your happiest? What really excites you?
I am happy when I am with my people that I love, doing crazy things, without control, without limits, also enjoying good music and getting lost in nature.

2. You have an amazing look and style! What kind of clothes do you feel most comfortable in?
Thank you, you are very kind, my favorite style is informal with a little rock, loafers with dresses ... polo shirts with scarves on the neck ... t-shirts of my favorite bands with slippers ... a lot of vintage clothes normally that it's my style

3. Do you dress differently for different situations or are you always just yourself?
I am always myself: casual and rocker

4. Is there anything you really don't enjoy doing?
What I don't like to do are the things that I have to do by obligation

5. What's your favourite period in history for style and music?
60-70 and 90s (blackmetal 🖤) and I think there is also good music today

6. What bands, music and fashion inspire you from the 1960s?
I am inspired by bands like the beatles, the zombies, the birds, bowie, the doors, the animals, joy division, motörhead ... Spanish bands:
Los flechazos, loquillo y los trogloditas,el columpio asesino...and lately I listen to a lot of blackmetal

7. If you could travel back in time to a period in history, what time period would you go to? Would you adopt their style trends or introduce them to your style?
I would travel to the 60s and I would not change anything, I would surely continue with my style something more aesthetically influenced by that great decade

8. What do you love about Relco London?
That is timeless and perfectly defines my style, classic and at the same time, sober and at the same time daring, I love the quality and how it fits, the prints ...

9. If you could get Relco London to design an outfit for you, what would it be?
I think a black dress (pencil dress) (60s inspired) with details in red, tight and sexy

Follow Cherry on instagram and get inspired by her unique, rocker look.

If there's anything else you'd like us to ask Cherry, let us know!

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Check out the Red Tartan shirt that Cherry styled for us here.