Introducing Nana Janse - Our favourite retro Ska Instagram Sensation!

Introducing Nana Janse - Our favourite retro Ska Instagram Sensation!

We were lucky enough to catch up with @miss_loca_banana to ask her a few questions about life, music and of course, 60s fashion and the special place she has in heart for Relco London.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

Nana Janse Relco London miss_loca_banana Ska

1. First question! When are you at your happiest?
When I come home after a long day at work. I put some records and just listen to it. Do I can make my head empty after a long day work.
And the weekends are great. Finally time to go out for a beer with friends, or go to a Ska or reggae gig to dance my ass of and have fun with friends :).

2. You have an amazing style! Does your style help you feel your best?
Yes it does. I always had a strong connection with the 60s and 70s. When I saw documentarys or pictures from these days I always thought. Oh wauw look how these people look like. The style and quality of the clothes inspired me so much. I made the decision to wear the same clothes as they did these times.

3. Do you dress differently for different situations or are you always just yourself?
I change my style in the past. But I never felt myself so confident and happy in the clothes I wear now. It really does something with you when older people told you they look the same in their teenage years, and recognized your stile and say, ey I was a skinhead to when I was younger. And they say they say they are really happy they see skinheads nowaday, that the subculture is still alive! It's really heartwarming.

4. Is there anything you really don't enjoy doing?
Oh though one. I'm an easy person, there are more things I like to do than I dislike, life is to short for bad moods. But there is one thing I'm not enjoying. Driving my bike on a Freezing cold rainy day when I have to work.
The bus connection in my town is horrible. I always have to wait 50 minutes when I finish work. So going by bike (15 km) (45 minutes) is faster than waiting for the bus.

5. What bands, music and fashion inspire you from the 1960s?
I'm a big fan of the pioneers, the melodians, the paragons, Desmond Dekker , Alton Ellis, prince Buster, toots and the maytals, Pat Kelly, Darrell Banks, Frank Wilson

6. If you could have dinner with a musician icon from the 60s who would it be?
It will be Desmond Dekker for sure. He is absolutely a hero for me. Sadly enough he passed away in 2006. So I never saw a show of him.

6. What do you love about Relco London?
I absolutely love the quality and fit of the clothes, the shape of the collars are lovely. I love high and upstanding button down shirts. And I'm happy relco made the tartan shirts for ladies.
It makes me a bit sad you don't see this quality more often. I'm happy thare are still brands who qo for quality, and not for the fast fashion.

7. If you could get Relco London to design an outfit for you, what would it look like?
It would like to be a shirt with the big 60s collar a x line jumper dress with tartan print 👗❤️ or a sta press jeans for ladies

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There you have it! 

Check out Nana's instagram - @miss_loca_banana for more 60s inspiration!

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