Which Subculture Blue Nation Most Identifies With

Which Subculture Blue Nation Most Identifies With

Relco London love nothing more than adding some 60s style to our favourite UK based bands. Top of the list are Blue Nation, so we were extremely excited to get the chance to dress the band and catch up with them on the importance of UK subcultures on the formation of their signature sound as well as style.

Check out part 2 of The Interview below:

Relco London got down to it with Blue Nation to ask them the questions we've been dying to get the answers to. Check out the video to discover the answers.

1. Which 60s subculture do you most identify with?

2. What 'mod outfit' would Blue Nation like Relco London to design?

3. Why do you think it's important for vintage brands such as Relco to keep alive the styles of iconic decades in British history?

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