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Best Presents For Mod Fashion Enthusiasts In 2024

As we’re moving deeper into 2024, it's time to turn our attention to the fashion individuals who not only appreciate and love Mod’s style.

Mod fashion is known for its clean lines, bold patterns, and inspiration from the '60s and '70s. Look no further if you're searching for the perfect gift for the Mod fashion enthusiasts any time this year, whether it's for a birthday celebration or you just want to surprise someone special. We've curated a list of the best presents that will have them grooving in 2024 with style.

Iconic Accessories:

The mod outfit is complete with the right accessories. Consider gifting some iconic accessories that scream Mod. Some vintage braces, colourful socks or laces for your shoes can elevate any outfit.

Vintage-inspired Clothing:

Mod fashion lies in its vintage roots, and what better way to celebrate this than by gifting your fashion enthusiasts some authentic vintage-inspired clothing. Think A-line dresses, Vintage trousers, and geometric patterns that capture the spirit of the '60s and '70s. Some Patterned shirts, knitted polos and braced trousers will take you straight down the vintage root as well. Try to look for pieces from reputable brands specialising in retro fashion, ensuring that the gift is stylish and high-quality.

Vinyl Record:

Music played a pivotal role in the original Mod era. A vinyl record collection featuring Mod classics is an excellent gift for the fashion enthusiasts who loves to immerse themselves in the sounds of the '60s. Try looking at The Beatles, The doors, The Beach Boys or The Byrds.

Mod Art:

Bring the Mod aesthetic into their living space with some Mod-inspired art. Whether it's a print of iconic album covers, a vintage-style poster, or a piece by a contemporary artist influenced by the Mod movement, this gift will add a touch of retro charm to their surroundings.

It’s time to celebrate the Mod fashion enthusiasts by choosing a gift that reflects their love for timeless style and iconic aesthetics. Whether it's Vintage trousers, iconic accessories, a vinyl record collection, Mod-inspired art, or a tailoring workshop, these presents will surely delight and inspire their fashion-forward spirit. As they unwrap these stylish gifts, you'll be giving them items and a piece of the Mod era's enduring legacy.

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Who Wore It Best? The Harrington Jacket Edition

Who Wore It Best? The Harrington Jacket Edition

A Harrington jacket is arguably the perfect transitional piece to get you through colder mornings and cooler evenings. Worn by many, the Harrington Jacket stands the test of time, becoming an iconic piece that transcends generations and fashion trends, perfectly fitting anyone's wardrobe. Known for its simple charm and tailored fit, it paves the way as a powerful symbol of refinement. But which icons have worn this iconic piece best? Continue reading this blog to learn more.

The Harrington Jacket

As we mentioned in our “History of the Harrington Jacket” blog post, in the late 1930s, brothers John and Isaac Miller, popular apparel manufacturers in Manchester, can be credited to the unique creation of the G9 blouson, advertised under the brand label of Baracuta. Before the 'Harrington' came into play, the brothers had some work to do in order to become the well-known name it is today. In the 50s, Isaac Miller relocated to the US, which kickstarted the popularity of their creations.

The interest in the brand grew due to the Ivy League guys - though not expected fans of the style the jacket was offering, as the rebellion within the group grew, so did the popularity of the jacket. These individuals defied traditional suit and tie norms, choosing the G9 as a rebellious style statement. Fast-forward to the 70s and 80s, and you'll find the Harrington jacket becomes the uniform for the mods - serving as a statement piece for its slick, lightweight and preppy look.
This iconic jacket has been a simple yet fashionable statement piece in the world of fashion through the years. With a blend of Cotton and Polyester, it boasts a stylish Fraser Tartan lining. The timeless jacket is known for its chic features like tailored cuffs and a distinctive two button collar. Through the years, we have seen it evolve, with infused creativity from other fashion designers. From bold colour variations to innovative details like pocket placements and zippers, the Harrington jacket has been a vintage piece with no expiration date.

Icons In The Harrington Jacket

Through the years, the Harrington Jacket has been seen on many celebrities and style icons, continuing to cement its status as a symbol of chic sophistication and simplicity. Here are some of the known icons that continue to set the bar for timeless style:

Elvis Presley Rockin’ The Harrington

The King of Rock' n' Roll's association with the Harrington Jacket simply adds another layer of significance to this staple vintage piece. Whilst his influence on the world of music goes without saying, his impact on fashion, especially in the movie 'King Creole', is equally as noteworthy.

Within the movie, Elvis Presley was continuously seen wearing the sand-coloured Harrington jacket - making it one of the only clothing items seen more than once throughout the film. It is also worth noting that beyond this, Presley continued to rock the timeless piece, on and off stage.

Today, fans and enthusiasts continue to draw inspiration from Elvis Presley's iconic style, positioning the Harrington Jacket as a wardrobe essential that pays homage to the King's lasting influence on not only the music industry but also fashion to this day.

The James Dean Era

The Harrington jacket continued its journey through the decades, entering an era of rebellion and becoming a counterculture icon. James Dean, iconically, donned the Harrington Jacket in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause", where he rocked the jacket half-zipped, showing off another style icon piece of the 50's youth - the white T-shirt. This preppy aesthetic of the Harrington Jacket carried into the late 60's, where it was revived by the UK counterculture scenes, also known as the Mods.

Adopted by the English mods, the Harrington jacket began to bridge the ongoing divide between the preppyness of jazz icons such as Miles Davis and Art Farmer and the expresiveness of new rock icons like Eric Clapton.

A Moment For The US Presidents

The Harrington wasn't always a jacket for the rockers and rebels - often referred to as a blouson jacket or windbreaker, it also hit the casual outerwear scene. The Harrington Jacket quickly became a popular choice for numerous US Presidents whenever the suit and tie was no longer a requirement. We saw JFK wear it whilst sailing, Bill Clinton wore it like it was his second uniform, and it was George W. Bush who referred to the jacket as a choice for when he's out in the field addressing first responders or aircraft carriers.

What’s A Harrington Without Steve McQueen?

It goes without saying that you cannot mention the Harrington Jacket without mentioning Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen - who were photographed in the jackets not only on screen but also in their personal lives. Arguably, you could even consider them the unofficial ambassadors of the Harrington Jacket. Whilst Frank Sinatra added a touch of sophistication to the jacket, Steve McQueen, considered the ‘King of Cool’, popularised the jacket for its effortless charm. Together, these two influential icons continued to solidify the Harrington Jacket in its timeless, versatile and effortless style.

How Can You Rock The Harrington

If you reflect back to the jacket's origins, the original G9 was designed for action, with the 'G' standing for 'golf'. So realistically, you can look good in your Harrington jacket even in a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, taking inspiration from James Dean himself.

The main beauty of this jacket is its versatility - you can dress it up or dress it down. It's a simple way to pair it with your favourite casual outfit or dress up with a smart shirt and some chinos. It is light and airy, making it perfect for layering and adding more structure to your outfit. The perfect lightweight alternative to almost any jacket.

The Harrington Jacket is approaching a century of timeless classics, transcending all ages, subcultures, genders and fashion changes. It continuously changed and adapted to the ever-changing world of fashion - continuing to inspire fashion designers and lovers. It has been an outerwear staple for men from all walks of life, from James Dean to Elvis Presley and Steve Mcqueen. The design and weight of this jacket makes it a versatile choice for almost all seasons, whilst the silhouettes complement just about every body type. There are very few men for whom a Harrington Jacket won't be good.

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Faded Memories: Once-Iconic Brands That No Longer Exist

Faded Memories: Once-Iconic Brands That No Longer Exist

Fashion trends come and go, and with that, iconic brands rise, but they also fall. Some once very sought out names have vanished, leaving behind only a trail of nostalgia and memories. No matter the length of the brand’s life or the fact that they now cease to exist, they meant something to those who wore them—from the celebrities who donned couture to those who still keep them hung in the closets to be worn or appreciated. Join us on a journey through vintage fashion, where we’ll explore historical brands that were once at the pinnacle of the fashion world but have since faded into distant memories and inspiration.

The Arrow Shirt

Amongst all the iconic clothing items within the world of fashion, men’s shirts have always complimented any outfit, often making a statement or simply bringing a personal touch to their look. Arrow Shirts, amongst many other vintage brands, paved the way in the mid-20th century - known for its commitment to high-quaity craftsmanship and designs that are timeless. Through the years, we’ve seen Hollywood icons such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant wearing Arrow shirts - further elevating the brand’s status as a symbol of the embodiment of sophistication. Through the eras, men’s vintage shirts continuously remain loved and sought after by collectors and fashion lovers - whether it’s for their crazy prints, perfect silhouettes or unique collars, a vintage shirt continues enduring through the decades. We haven’t got Arrow shirts, but we have amazing vintage shirts for men that will fill that gap.

The Bill Gib Era

Bill Gibb, a now arguably forgotten Scottish designer, captured the true essence of the bohemian beauty of the 1960s and 1970s. Through this fashion, he was able to encapsulate British style - often described as designs that are storytelling and dreamy. Bill Gibb was also known for his elegant evening gowns made of exotic fabrics and net and lace embroidery. Through the decades of the 60s and 70s, Bil Gibb was an iconic designer, voted as ‘Designer of the Year’ in the 70s by Vogue. Unfortunately, his popularity came to an end during the 80s - carrying the story of many London designers - coming from nothing, dressing the elites and eventually going bust.

Bugle Boy Comeback?

Thanks to TV advertisements, Bugle Boy became known for a campaign featuring a popular phrase ‘Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans that you’re wearing?’, creating a huge interest through the 80s for the denim collection. Besides denim, designer William Mow had also created a line of parachute trousers and cargos. Though having a successful run, Bugle Boy’s ship sank in 2001 when the designer had filed for bankruptcy, therefore ceasing all manufacturing and distribution of his designs. Interestingly, the fashion world has seen a comeback both in parachute and cargo trousers, with many individuals today rocking these styles. Therefore, whilst Bugle Boy failed to continue its journey through the decades, William Mow’s designs can still be seen around high-end and vintage stores today.

Reviving Fashion With Jacques Fath

Jacques Fath, also known as the greatest French designer of all time, helped to bring life back to the Paris fashion industry after the Second World War. Fath’s fashion signature? Plunging necklines, hourglass silhouettes and pleats complimented by bold patterns. Post war, Jacques Fath dominated the postwar couture alongside still very well known and respected designers, Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain. His designs were not only unique and beautiful, but also took into account the modern women of the time, ensuring his designs were not only fashionable but also comfortable - for instance, carefully crafting his skirt to ensure women were still able to ride bicycles during gasoline rationing. Unfortunately, though his business was flourishing, Fath’s career was cut short due to his passing in 1954 - with his legacy continuing until 1992 through the perfume and accessory segment of Fath’s business.

The Sasson Denim

Though it’s often credited to the 90s, it was actually the 70s and 80s that saw a rise in the love for denim, with celebrities like Debbie Harry and The Charlie Angels often rocking the double denim look. During this time, Sasson Jeans emerged as a public favourite for denim, reflecting a more vibrant and youthful nature of the era. It was the perfect blend of casual yet stylish, with high-quality denim that was uniquely designed yet comfortable. Sasson Jeans quickly became the go-to jeans that were trendy, unique and chic, featuring a sailboat logo that embodied the youth culture. Fast-forward to 1986, Sasson Jeans had to declare bankruptcy and end their journey as denim favourites. Though the brand was no longer able to thrive, the legacy continues, with Sasson jeans’ designs still shaping the denim trends and remaining a nostalgic symbol for the 70s and 80s.

It’s fair to say that though many brands may have come to a halt, their memories and unique designs continue to inspire and shape the fashion world. Today, people find themselves exploring vintage shops, drawing inspiration from the iconic pieces from the past and continuing the legacy of once popular and sought-after brands. Whether it’s a vintage shirt, or your next denim item exploring brands that were once something can bring a unique and nostalgic feel to your outfit, adding the perfect personal touch. The beauty of vintage fashion and the nostalgia that comes with it stays within the iconic pieces; it's always worth exploring different vintage pieces to bring that style you're looking for. Whether you are out to look a little more rebellious like the mods or simply after the perfect craftsmanship of vintage must-haves, check out our store to find the perfect additions to your wardrobe.

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The Best Mens Jacket for All Weather

Looking your best and staying fashionable throughout all seasons is achievable when keeping the mod aesthetic in mind, as several jackets can keep you stylish without compromising on your warmth.

From the crisp autumn air to the stunning summer sun, wearing the right jacket can make or break your outfit. Read on to find out the ultimate guide to jackets for every season.

Best Jackets for Cold Weather


As the leaves turn golden and temperatures drop, it's time for layers. A great way to make a stand-out choice is by opting for a monkey jacket. Choose from various colours for a great way to add depth to your outfit. And for extra warmth, you can layer it over a turtleneck or a patterned shirt, coupled with trousers for that classic mod apparel.

A lightweight bomber jacket becomes your best friend when the winter sun is in full swing. It has excellent breathable materials like nylon to keep warm while exuding mod charm. Add a pop of colour to the grey weather by wearing the iconic bright orange lining, and elevate a simple tee and shorts combo.


The classic Crombie coat has inspired our men's overcoat and is the ultimate epitome of mod sophistication. Crafted with attention to detail, the overcoat has the perfect tailored fit and premium materials, guaranteed to complement everyone.

Not only is the coat a staple piece to have in your wardrobe, but it is also a timeless piece that can be styled with ease every winter.

Our men's overcoat is made with top-quality wool fabric (80% Melton Wool) ensures insulation against the winter chill and a stylish texture that elevates your overall aesthetic. The overcoat becomes more than just a garment; it becomes a statement.

Whether you're opting for a more thoughtful look for the office or something a bit more casual to go out in, the overcoat is what you need to look unique but also complimentary to your style.

Pair it with a turtleneck sweater, slim trousers, and Chelsea boots for a timeless mod-inspired winter ensemble, to keep you warm every winter.

Another great piece you need to have in your wardrobe this winter is our Black Donkey Jacket. Crafted with comfort and sophistication, this classic piece is tailored for men who want a more simple yet refined look. Made from 50% wool, PVC shoulders and tartan lining, the jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm in the crisp winter air. Pair it effortlessly with your favourite knitwear, slim-fit trousers, and sturdy boots for a casually cool ensemble. Whether strolling through the city streets or enjoying a weekend getaway, the Black Donkey Jacket from Relco London adds an unmistakable touch of mod-inspired fashion to your winter wardrobe.

Best Jackets for Warm Weather


Spring is the perfect season for a jacket, as you can be as versatile as you want. Opt for a lightweight, lightweight Harrington jacket for its classic silhouette and breathable fabric (poly-cotton) to make it perfect for the fluctuating temperatures of spring. Pair it with trousers and a patterned floral or check shirt for an infamous mod look.

The flight jacket is another excellent choice for spring. This jacket is versatile and works well with casual mod-inspired outfits. And the best part is that they are available in various colours and materials to suit your style. Whether pairing it with a button-down shirt and tailored trousers, jeans or chinos, the blouson is an easy, stylish addition to your spring wardrobe, embracing the season's relaxed spirit.


A blazer is a great jacket to wear in the summer, as it combines a laid-back and elegant vibe. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, it is a great jacket choice for hotter summer days without sticking to your body.

Alternatively, or for a chiller night, opt for a lightweight, stylish, lightweight cardigan to enhance your summer wardrobe. Often made from cotton and polyester materials, you can add a modern edge to your look and have something to wear should the weather get a bit cooler during evening gatherings.

Incorporating these diverse options into your summer wardrobe ensures you're well-prepared to tackle the heat with mod flair. Whether you're leaning towards the classic appeal of a lightweight cardigan or the refined charm of a blazer, your summer style will be effortlessly cool and uniquely yours.


Whether venturing through the city streets or attending a gig, finding the perfect jacket for any weather can effortlessly combine style and attitude. It's a versatile piece that transcends seasons, making it a must-have for any mod fashion aficionado.

In conclusion, mastering modern fashion throughout the year involves selecting the right jacket for each season. By embracing versatile pieces like Harrington jackets for spring or bomber jackets in winter, you'll effortlessly embody the mod aesthetic regardless of the weather.

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How to Add Mod Clothing to a Cocktail Attire Dress Code

Cocktail attire is known for its classy and sophisticated style, often associated with formal events and parties. However, if you love the iconic and bold style of the Mod fashion movement and have an event coming up, you might be wondering how to incorporate the two polar opposite styles into one.

The good news is that it's possible to merge the two, by creating a chic and unforgettable look. In this guide, we'll show you how to seamlessly blend Mod clothing with cocktail attire, making a statement at your next event.

What is Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is all about looking polished and sophisticated, a balance between formal and casual. Here are some key elements of cocktail attire:


Cocktail dresses are a must for women, which tend to fall at the knee-length or slightly longer, with a figure-hugging fit. Meanwhile, for men, suits or blazers paired with trousers and a dress shirt are the typical attire.

Colour Palette

Classic colours like black, navy, and grey are the popular choice for cocktail attire. However, there are no restrictions for you to include other colours


Women can opt for elegant jewellery, clutches, and heels, while men can choose classic ties, cufflinks, and well-shined dress shoes.

What is Mod Fashion?

Mod fashion was inspired by the Mod subculture in London during the 1960s. It is loved by many for its bold patterns, symmetrical lines, and minimalist aesthetic. Mod fashion blends vintage and futuristic elements, creating a unique and timeless style. Here are a few elements that make up a mod-inspired outfit:

Patterned Dresses and Suits

In Mod fashion, bold patterns are a staple. For women, consider a knee-length dress with a geometric pattern, such as stripes or checks. In comparison, men opt for patterned suits, blazers or shirts.

Bold Colours

Mod fashion isn't shy when it comes to wearing vibrant colours. Consider incorporating bold shades like electric blue, red, or mustard yellow into your outfit to make it more Mod-inspired.

Accessories with a Twist

Instead of traditional jewellery, statement accessories are what you need. Chunky, oversized bracelets and earrings for women or colourful pocket squares or ties for men can add a Mod touch.


Opt for classic Mod footwear like Chelsea boots for men or Mary Janes for women. These shoe styles perfectly complement the Mod aesthetic.


Iconic round sunglasses are a hallmark of Mod fashion. So, if you're going out for drinks during the summer, don a stylish pair to complete your look.

Mod Fashion Meet Cocktail Attire: How to combine the two

Combining Mod with Elegance

By combining cocktail attire with the unique and bold elements of Mod fashion, you can create a stunning and memorable look. Feel free to experiment with patterns, colours, and accessories to achieve the perfect balance. Here's how you can combine your mod aesthetic with cocktail attire.

Choose the Right Dress or Suit

Start with a dress or suit that adheres to the cocktail attire guidelines, ensuring the right length and fit. Then, infuse Mod fashion by selecting a patterned or boldly coloured piece.

Accessorise Thoughtfully

Add Mod-inspired accessories like statement jewellery or sunglasses. Keep the number of accessories in check to maintain a refined cocktail attire look.

Footwear Matters

Opt for classic Mod footwear, but ensure it complements the overall outfit. Chelsea boots, desert boots or monkey boots, and pair them with a Mod-inspired cocktail outfit.

The most important aspect of pulling off Mod-inspired cocktail attire is confidence. Mod fashion is about embracing a unique and bold style, so wear your outfit with pride and self-assuredness. When you feel confident in your attire, it will undoubtedly show, making you the centre of attention at any event.

Finding the Perfect Mod Clothing

To achieve the ideal Mod-inspired cocktail attire, it's crucial to source high-quality Mod clothing. For a wide selection of Mod fashion items, check out Relco London's Mod Fashion collection. They offer a range of clothing, accessories, and footwear that perfectly embody the Mod aesthetic. So, go ahead, step out in style, and make a statement at your next event!

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5 music groups that mastered Mod clothing

5 music groups that mastered Mod clothing

Mod fashion is a style that originated in the 1960s in London, England. It is characterised by sharp, clean lines, bold colours, and minimalist designs. This style was popularised by the Mod subculture, which was comprised of young people who were interested in music, fashion, and art. Over the years, the Mod style has influenced fashion and pop culture in a significant way, and it continues to be relevant today.

Many music groups from the 1960s to the present day have adopted Mod fashion as part of their image, and in this article, we'll take a look at five groups that have truly mastered Mod clothing.

What Is Mod Fashion?

Mods (short for "modernists") were young, stylish people who embraced a youth culture and rejected traditional conservative values. The Mod look was influenced by a mix of high-end fashion, Italian scooter culture and included tailored suits, sleek trench coats and graphic print shirts. Mod fashion was also associated with the Mod subculture, which was known for its love of music.

Additionally, Mod fashion was not just limited to clothing. Mods were known for their love of all things modern, and this extended to their hairstyles, which were often short, sculpted, and featured heavy fringes. They also favoured bold, statement accessories such as oversized sunglasses and chunky jewellery. The Mod lifestyle also included a fascination with new and innovative forms of transportation, such as scooters and small cars. This love of all things modern and cutting-edge extended to their music taste, as they were early adopters of new musical genres such as ska and psychedelia. Mod fashion was more than just a trend; it was a cultural movement that rejected the status quo and embraced a new, exciting way of life. To this day, Mod fashion continues to be a source of inspiration for designers and a beloved subculture that resonates with people of all ages.

5 Groups That Influenced Mod Fashion

The Who

The Who are a legendary rock band that formed in London in 1964. They are often considered one of the pioneers of the Mod subculture, and their style has had a significant influence on the Mod fashion movement. The Who's signature look includes sharp, tailored suits, slim-fit trousers, and Mod-style shoes. They also often wear bold colours and graphic prints, which are hallmarks of the Mod style.

The Who Rock Band

The Jam

The Jam was a British punk-Mod revival band that formed in the late 1970s. The group's style was a mix of punk, Mod, and ska, and they are often credited with bringing the Mod style back into the mainstream. The Jam's lead singer, Paul Weller, was known for his shirts, narrow ties, and Mod-style suits, and these elements of his style have become synonymous with Mod fashion.

The Jam Rock Band

The Kinks

The Kinks were a British rock band that formed in London in 1964. They were one of the earliest groups to adopt the Mod style, and their music and fashion have had a lasting impact on the Mod movement. The Kinks' style was characterised by suits and jackets, and they often wore bold colours and graphic prints.

The Kinks Rock Band

The Small Faces

The Small Faces were a British Mod-influenced band that formed in 1965. They are considered one of the most influential groups of the Mod era, and their style was a major influence on the Mod fashion movement. The Small Faces' signature look included shirts, and they often wore bold colours.

The Small Faces

The Mod Revivalists

The Mod Revivalists were a group of young musicians who emerged in the late 1970s, and they are often credited with bringing the Mod style back into the mainstream. These groups, such as Secret Affair, Purple Hearts, and The Chords, were influenced by the original Mod subculture of the 1960s, and their music and fashion reflected this influence. They often wore sharp suits, narrow ties, and Mod-style shoes, and they brought the Mod style back into the public consciousness.

Secret Affair Rock Band

In conclusion, these five music groups have each made a significant contribution to the Mod fashion movement, and their style and music have had a lasting impact on the Mod subculture. The Mod style continues to be relevant today, and it continues to influence fashion and pop culture in new and innovative ways. Whether you're a fan of the original Mod subculture or the revivalists, these five groups are sure to inspire you with their sharp, stylish looks and their timeless music.

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