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Interview With Relco London CEO

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Relco has been growing at an amazing rate this past year, and we have become a recognised brand by Mods, Skinheads and 60’s fashion followers across the globe.

None of this growth would be possible without the dedication, vision and fashion-forward thinking of our incredible CEO. So, we sat him down to pick his brain on all things Relco and 60’s fashion.

Here’s what he had to say…

What excites you the most about where Relco is heading?

We love that Relco is growing internationally and becoming recognised by Mods, Skinheads and 60’s fashion followers as far afield as South America, Japan, Israel and even China!! 

What is the most popular men’s item sold on Relco & Why?

This has to be our much loved Harrington Jacket. A staple in our collection from our humble beginnings in 1964. Offering a high quality jacket at an affordable price has been key in making this our most popular item ever and we continue to sell them.

What is the most popular fashion trend for women from the ’60s?

A tonic skirt paired with a ladies button down and finished off with a pair of our braces

Do you think 60’s fashion has come back around to modern times?

We certainly see revivals every so often but a lot of modern fashion is based on the sleek styles of the 60’s Era.

What is your top fashion pick from the current Relco collection?

Definitely the Flight Jacket - Black. Gives me good Top Gun vibes for some reason.

Out of all the men's shirts that you stock - which is your personal favourite & why?

I’d choose our blue Knitted polo, style code VS-4.  I love the minimalistic design and the soft fabric.  It’s great to wear to the pub or even to a smart/casual event, never looks out of place.

If you could only pick 1 item from the Relco collection to wear for the rest of your life - what would it be and why?

Our selvedge style denim Jeans. They are fantastic heavy weight denim and look and feel great on. The cut is timeless so given the ebbs and flows of the fashion trends these jeans should never look out of place, also  Everyone needs to own at least one pair of good jeans and these are my choice. 

What do you think makes the Harrington jacket so popular?

The classic design thats worn been worn by many famous people over the years, Steve Mcqueen and Elvis to name a few and it appeals to all ages. Liam Gallagher of Oasis has also been spotted many times in a harrington so we get a diverse age group wanting the same look and that leads to popularity of the harrington. The harrington also crosses into multiple subcultures, mod, skinhead, suedeheads and even punks all don the harrington

If you could describe 60’s fashion trends in 3 words, what would they be?

Clean, sharp and smart

If you were to select an outfit from the website - what items would you choose?

It would be a pair of our sta prest trousers matched with gingham short sleeve shirt.