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Who Wore It Best? The Harrington Jacket Edition

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Who Wore It Best? The Harrington Jacket Edition

A Harrington jacket is arguably the perfect transitional piece to get you through colder mornings and cooler evenings. Worn by many, the Harrington Jacket stands the test of time, becoming an iconic piece that transcends generations and fashion trends, perfectly fitting anyone's wardrobe. Known for its simple charm and tailored fit, it paves the way as a powerful symbol of refinement. But which icons have worn this iconic piece best? Continue reading this blog to learn more.

The Harrington Jacket

As we mentioned in our “History of the Harrington Jacket” blog post, in the late 1930s, brothers John and Isaac Miller, popular apparel manufacturers in Manchester, can be credited to the unique creation of the G9 blouson, advertised under the brand label of Baracuta. Before the 'Harrington' came into play, the brothers had some work to do in order to become the well-known name it is today. In the 50s, Isaac Miller relocated to the US, which kickstarted the popularity of their creations.

The interest in the brand grew due to the Ivy League guys - though not expected fans of the style the jacket was offering, as the rebellion within the group grew, so did the popularity of the jacket. These individuals defied traditional suit and tie norms, choosing the G9 as a rebellious style statement. Fast-forward to the 70s and 80s, and you'll find the Harrington jacket becomes the uniform for the mods - serving as a statement piece for its slick, lightweight and preppy look.
This iconic jacket has been a simple yet fashionable statement piece in the world of fashion through the years. With a blend of Cotton and Polyester, it boasts a stylish Fraser Tartan lining. The timeless jacket is known for its chic features like tailored cuffs and a distinctive two button collar. Through the years, we have seen it evolve, with infused creativity from other fashion designers. From bold colour variations to innovative details like pocket placements and zippers, the Harrington jacket has been a vintage piece with no expiration date.

Icons In The Harrington Jacket

Through the years, the Harrington Jacket has been seen on many celebrities and style icons, continuing to cement its status as a symbol of chic sophistication and simplicity. Here are some of the known icons that continue to set the bar for timeless style:

Elvis Presley Rockin’ The Harrington

The King of Rock' n' Roll's association with the Harrington Jacket simply adds another layer of significance to this staple vintage piece. Whilst his influence on the world of music goes without saying, his impact on fashion, especially in the movie 'King Creole', is equally as noteworthy.

Within the movie, Elvis Presley was continuously seen wearing the sand-coloured Harrington jacket - making it one of the only clothing items seen more than once throughout the film. It is also worth noting that beyond this, Presley continued to rock the timeless piece, on and off stage.

Today, fans and enthusiasts continue to draw inspiration from Elvis Presley's iconic style, positioning the Harrington Jacket as a wardrobe essential that pays homage to the King's lasting influence on not only the music industry but also fashion to this day.

The James Dean Era

The Harrington jacket continued its journey through the decades, entering an era of rebellion and becoming a counterculture icon. James Dean, iconically, donned the Harrington Jacket in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause", where he rocked the jacket half-zipped, showing off another style icon piece of the 50's youth - the white T-shirt. This preppy aesthetic of the Harrington Jacket carried into the late 60's, where it was revived by the UK counterculture scenes, also known as the Mods.

Adopted by the English mods, the Harrington jacket began to bridge the ongoing divide between the preppyness of jazz icons such as Miles Davis and Art Farmer and the expresiveness of new rock icons like Eric Clapton.

A Moment For The US Presidents

The Harrington wasn't always a jacket for the rockers and rebels - often referred to as a blouson jacket or windbreaker, it also hit the casual outerwear scene. The Harrington Jacket quickly became a popular choice for numerous US Presidents whenever the suit and tie was no longer a requirement. We saw JFK wear it whilst sailing, Bill Clinton wore it like it was his second uniform, and it was George W. Bush who referred to the jacket as a choice for when he's out in the field addressing first responders or aircraft carriers.

What’s A Harrington Without Steve McQueen?

It goes without saying that you cannot mention the Harrington Jacket without mentioning Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen - who were photographed in the jackets not only on screen but also in their personal lives. Arguably, you could even consider them the unofficial ambassadors of the Harrington Jacket. Whilst Frank Sinatra added a touch of sophistication to the jacket, Steve McQueen, considered the ‘King of Cool’, popularised the jacket for its effortless charm. Together, these two influential icons continued to solidify the Harrington Jacket in its timeless, versatile and effortless style.

How Can You Rock The Harrington

If you reflect back to the jacket's origins, the original G9 was designed for action, with the 'G' standing for 'golf'. So realistically, you can look good in your Harrington jacket even in a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, taking inspiration from James Dean himself.

The main beauty of this jacket is its versatility - you can dress it up or dress it down. It's a simple way to pair it with your favourite casual outfit or dress up with a smart shirt and some chinos. It is light and airy, making it perfect for layering and adding more structure to your outfit. The perfect lightweight alternative to almost any jacket.

The Harrington Jacket is approaching a century of timeless classics, transcending all ages, subcultures, genders and fashion changes. It continuously changed and adapted to the ever-changing world of fashion - continuing to inspire fashion designers and lovers. It has been an outerwear staple for men from all walks of life, from James Dean to Elvis Presley and Steve Mcqueen. The design and weight of this jacket makes it a versatile choice for almost all seasons, whilst the silhouettes complement just about every body type. There are very few men for whom a Harrington Jacket won't be good.

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