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Faded Memories: Once-Iconic Brands That No Longer Exist

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Faded Memories: Once-Iconic Brands That No Longer Exist

Fashion trends come and go, and with that, iconic brands rise, but they also fall. Some once very sought out names have vanished, leaving behind only a trail of nostalgia and memories. No matter the length of the brand’s life or the fact that they now cease to exist, they meant something to those who wore them—from the celebrities who donned couture to those who still keep them hung in the closets to be worn or appreciated. Join us on a journey through vintage fashion, where we’ll explore historical brands that were once at the pinnacle of the fashion world but have since faded into distant memories and inspiration.

The Arrow Shirt

Amongst all the iconic clothing items within the world of fashion, men’s shirts have always complimented any outfit, often making a statement or simply bringing a personal touch to their look. Arrow Shirts, amongst many other vintage brands, paved the way in the mid-20th century - known for its commitment to high-quaity craftsmanship and designs that are timeless. Through the years, we’ve seen Hollywood icons such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant wearing Arrow shirts - further elevating the brand’s status as a symbol of the embodiment of sophistication. Through the eras, men’s vintage shirts continuously remain loved and sought after by collectors and fashion lovers - whether it’s for their crazy prints, perfect silhouettes or unique collars, a vintage shirt continues enduring through the decades. We haven’t got Arrow shirts, but we have amazing vintage shirts for men that will fill that gap.

The Bill Gib Era

Bill Gibb, a now arguably forgotten Scottish designer, captured the true essence of the bohemian beauty of the 1960s and 1970s. Through this fashion, he was able to encapsulate British style - often described as designs that are storytelling and dreamy. Bill Gibb was also known for his elegant evening gowns made of exotic fabrics and net and lace embroidery. Through the decades of the 60s and 70s, Bil Gibb was an iconic designer, voted as ‘Designer of the Year’ in the 70s by Vogue. Unfortunately, his popularity came to an end during the 80s - carrying the story of many London designers - coming from nothing, dressing the elites and eventually going bust.

Bugle Boy Comeback?

Thanks to TV advertisements, Bugle Boy became known for a campaign featuring a popular phrase ‘Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans that you’re wearing?’, creating a huge interest through the 80s for the denim collection. Besides denim, designer William Mow had also created a line of parachute trousers and cargos. Though having a successful run, Bugle Boy’s ship sank in 2001 when the designer had filed for bankruptcy, therefore ceasing all manufacturing and distribution of his designs. Interestingly, the fashion world has seen a comeback both in parachute and cargo trousers, with many individuals today rocking these styles. Therefore, whilst Bugle Boy failed to continue its journey through the decades, William Mow’s designs can still be seen around high-end and vintage stores today.

Reviving Fashion With Jacques Fath

Jacques Fath, also known as the greatest French designer of all time, helped to bring life back to the Paris fashion industry after the Second World War. Fath’s fashion signature? Plunging necklines, hourglass silhouettes and pleats complimented by bold patterns. Post war, Jacques Fath dominated the postwar couture alongside still very well known and respected designers, Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain. His designs were not only unique and beautiful, but also took into account the modern women of the time, ensuring his designs were not only fashionable but also comfortable - for instance, carefully crafting his skirt to ensure women were still able to ride bicycles during gasoline rationing. Unfortunately, though his business was flourishing, Fath’s career was cut short due to his passing in 1954 - with his legacy continuing until 1992 through the perfume and accessory segment of Fath’s business.

The Sasson Denim

Though it’s often credited to the 90s, it was actually the 70s and 80s that saw a rise in the love for denim, with celebrities like Debbie Harry and The Charlie Angels often rocking the double denim look. During this time, Sasson Jeans emerged as a public favourite for denim, reflecting a more vibrant and youthful nature of the era. It was the perfect blend of casual yet stylish, with high-quality denim that was uniquely designed yet comfortable. Sasson Jeans quickly became the go-to jeans that were trendy, unique and chic, featuring a sailboat logo that embodied the youth culture. Fast-forward to 1986, Sasson Jeans had to declare bankruptcy and end their journey as denim favourites. Though the brand was no longer able to thrive, the legacy continues, with Sasson jeans’ designs still shaping the denim trends and remaining a nostalgic symbol for the 70s and 80s.

It’s fair to say that though many brands may have come to a halt, their memories and unique designs continue to inspire and shape the fashion world. Today, people find themselves exploring vintage shops, drawing inspiration from the iconic pieces from the past and continuing the legacy of once popular and sought-after brands. Whether it’s a vintage shirt, or your next denim item exploring brands that were once something can bring a unique and nostalgic feel to your outfit, adding the perfect personal touch. The beauty of vintage fashion and the nostalgia that comes with it stays within the iconic pieces; it's always worth exploring different vintage pieces to bring that style you're looking for. Whether you are out to look a little more rebellious like the mods or simply after the perfect craftsmanship of vintage must-haves, check out our store to find the perfect additions to your wardrobe.

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