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Vintage 60s Braces

While suspenders have been in and out of fashion over the last century, skinheads of the 1960s chose to wear the complementary, narrow, clip on style braces. The mods sporting an image of clean, working-class toughness: jeans, shirts and braces. Smart but affordable and reminiscent of the attire of the working-class men at that time.

Inject a bit of UK counterculture to your wardrobe today with our range of vintage braces for men & women. So awesomely vintage, we are happy to lay bets on how long it takes before you start to see the world in a vintage filter. What’s better than keeping your pants up (unless of course, you don’t want to) and looking dapper in the process?

Three words. Relco. London. Braces. Now.

Side note: Yes, that was four words but at least you were paying attention! Relco London has everything you need to finish off your vintage look in true 60s style. Fully adjustable and polished silver fasteners.